Saturday and Sunday 10:00 – 2:00

Sunday, November 19th
MLC’s 5th Birthday!


Beau Soleil Oysters- New Brunswick 3 ea.

Fries- old bay aioli 6

Cheddar Beignets- honey butter 7

Fresh Cheese- honey, matzoh 9



Steak Tartare- smoky cheddar, crispy potato 15

Greens & Herbs- lemon vinaigrette 7

Misery French Toast- donut, apple, cinnamon 10

Tater Tots- smoked fish, trout roe, crème fraiche 13

The Vonnegut- pork belly, american cheese, fried egg 9

Rough Francis- fried chicken, hot sauce, blue cheese 10



MLC Benedict- house ham, farm eggs, hollandaise 14

Seafood Benedict- peekytoe crab, shrimp, lubina 16

Biscuits & Gravy- sausage gravy, fried eggs 13

Shrimp & Grits-shrimp, MLC bacon, poached eggs 16

Croque Madame- house ham, raclette, mornay, fried egg 14

Summer Vegetable Hash- fried eggs, salsa verde 14

Sunday Cheeseburger- bacon, fried egg, cheddar, fries 16


Toast 3

MLC Bacon 5

Tater Tots 4

Two Eggs 4

Be excellent to each other.